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Smart switch

Smart switch

Intelligent Technology

This product is a ZIGBEE smart switch with live and neutral wire. And it’s designed by 86*86mm standard. It can be smart and remote controlled by telephone after it matched with gateway, and can know the feedback status at the same time, So all the status of lights can be saw after connected to this switch.

This ZIGBEE device have 1-loop, 2-loop, 3-loop three different load switch.
Using highly sensitive capacitor touch design, with a blue luminous display function.
Support wireless and manual operation.
Support real-time feedback status
Using ZIGBEE HA protocol self-organized net technology, don’t need to code, more simple operation .
Can go to scene model to control when it matched with ZIGBEE gateway
Each device can transmit signal by each other and expand signal range that built a stable, reliable, safety wireless network.
This product can be used to Home, Office, Hospital and Hotel

Model: SW-T401ZB one-loop
SW-T402ZB one-loop
SW-T403ZB one-loop
Size: 90*86*38mm(L*W*H)
Supply voltage: AC100V-240V
Power: Resistance load 700W(Tungsten, incandescent, halogen )
Inductive or Capacitive load 350W(LED, CFL)
Wireless frequency: 2.4GHz
Transmit Power: 4dBm
Static power: <0.9W
Wireless receiving sensitivity: <-90dBm
Communication protocol: ZIGBEE HA
Networking mode: ZIGBEE networking
Encryption mode: AES-128-bit key dynamic encryption
Distance: No distance limit as wireless relay function
Work environment: Temperature: -20~60℃ humidity: Max 80%

ZIGBEE smart switch (L&N): 1pcs
Screw: 2pcs
After-sales service card: 1pcs
ZIGBEE switch manual: 1pcs

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