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How to manage gates and barriers with Ajax

Gates or barriers — the first line of security on the way to the protected object. There are many more ways to make this outpost truly reliable than a standard remote control unit allows.

Let us tell you what features become available with the control of barriers and gates by Ajax and why it is important to use it.

Why Ajax if «everything works as is»?

The purpose of the barrier or the gates is to protect from the problems and turmoil of the outside world, not to create them. Here are 5 problems that users encountered at least once when operating barriers and gates:

1. Waste of time while waiting

The price of time is extremely high. An average person spends almost 4 months in a lifetime waiting for the green light at a traffic light — why waste another couple of months waiting for gates or a barrier to open?

Using the Button, you can drive through gates or barriers without wasting time on stopping and waiting. The Button operates at distances of up to 1,300 meters (without obstacles), and it takes only 0.15 seconds to deliver the command. For comparison: on average, the maximum range of key fobs reaches 200 meters, but in real life, we are talking about 20-30 meters.

2. Fear of forgery and hacking

Very often, key fobs for the gates and barrier control have no protection against forgery , and the encryption of their signals is primitive or just doesn’t exist. Such systems can be hacked with a code grabber in minutes.

5. Limited functionality

With Ajax, gates and barriers become part of the security ecosystem, complementing and enhancing it. The security system becomes a technological constructor, the possibilities of which are determined only by you. For example, by connecting a video surveillance camera to the system, you can see on your smartphone who is honking at the barrier — all without making unnecessary movements or distracting from what is important. Or you can add street motion detectors to the system and block the gates in case of an alarm. With Ajax, you can control the gates and the barrier from your phone so you always have the remote control with you and don’t have to worry about the security of your home and office.

How to start using Ajax to control barriers and gates?

You need a hub and a Relay for the connection. The system can be supplemented with a smart Button if desired.

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